Tinies Jubilee Day Nursery Catford - Call us today on 020 8516 7410 to book a showround
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Tinies Jubilee Day Nursery Catford - Call us today on 020 8516 7410 to book a showround
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Tinies Jubilee Day Nursery Catford - Call us today on 020 8516 7410 to book a showround
Contact Tinies Daycare Jubilee Day Nursery Catford
Tinies Jubilee Day Nursery Catford - Call us today on 020 8516 7410 to book a showround
Best Day Nursery in Catford - Tinies Jubilee Nursery
Tinies Jubilee Day Nursery Catford - Call us today on 020 8516 7410 to book a showround
Day Nurseries in Catford - Tinies Daycare Jubilee Nursery

Jubilee Nursery Part of the Tinies Daycare family

Manager: Nadine Robinson
Places: 70
Ages: Birth to 5
Ofsted Rating: Outstanding - August 2021
Extra curriculars: Outdoor Education Programme & My Happy Mind

About Us:

Tinies Jubilee Day Nursery is located on the beautiful grounds of St Dunstan's, specifically in the Jubilee Pavilion at the Jubilee Ground, Catford, London. The generous space that is available has been utilised to provide the children with a supervised built up garden area and access to the playing fields.At Tinies Jubilee day nursery Catford itself, we provide split age appropriate spacious rooms which is complemented with an activity studio. With stimulating age appropriate and multi-cultural resources of the best standard, we ensure that our children are in the right place to learn and develop by providing them with the best environment at our Jubilee day - nursery in Catford London.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help prepare the children for their future school experience by providing them with a stimulating and caring environment at our Jubilee Childcare. As an outstanding childcare provider, we recognise that every child is different. Therefore, we will provide an environment that allows them to explore and learn about themselves and others in a secure, happy, and stimulating environment.

The Environment

What does Tinies Jubilee Day nursery in Catford offer?

The Jubilee Day nursery in Catford, London has been built in a unique setting that is surrounded by spacious lush green sports fields. The location itself is easily accessible for parents to travel to and from, with our site providing safe and secure car parking for easy pick-up and drop off. The safety of our children, our staff and anyone visiting our site is the absolute priority, so we have ensured that CCTV has been fitted throughout the Tinies Jubilee day nursery in Catford, London. The state of the art, modern facilities are accompanied by an activity studio and two outdoor areas.

The Curriculum

What curriculum does our Jubilee Day Nursery follow?

At our Nursery in Catford, we celebrate diversity and welcome children from a range of backgrounds and development stages. We aim to help individuals achieve their personal best through learning in a fun and safe environment in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage framework as well as working in partnership with parents and carers.

We provide a wide range of opportunities for children to engage in, and a variety of stimulating and educational activities. Our belief is in learning through play whilst paying particular attention to a child's individual needs; with regular observation, planning and assessment, our children are able to progress in all areas of their development. Activities at our Jubilee day nursery are promoted through comprehensive planning and monitoring, and observations are used effectively to plan the next steps in children's learning based on their current interests.

The Extras

What extracurricular activities do we offer in our Jubilee Day Nursery?

Tinies Daycare is proud to be one of the first Nurseries to introduce a wellbeing program including My Happy Mind, healthy eating initiatives, and understanding nature.

At Jubilee Nursery, we offer different types of extracurricular activities that include:

  • Music and Movement.
  • Morning and evening mindfulness sessions are tailored to the child's age.
  • A healthy eating plan for children aged two years old or younger.
  • A well-being program based on a knowledge of nature, music, and the arts.
  • Painting sessions with natural materials such as clay, sand and water.

Our extracurricular activities are primarily intended to foster the following competencies: compassion, innovation, problem-solving, and collaboration. All in an entertaining and safe environment!

Tinies Daycare also offers a number of specially developed programmes within Jubilee day Nursery in Catford, to champion Maths and English in the setting.We invite you to see our Library scheme in action when you visit our Jubilee Day Nursery, in Catford, this helps the children become school ready and encourages parents to read with and to their children.

Read more about these children's activities that we conduct at Jubilee day nursery and know how they will enhance your child's development.

Health and safety at Tinies Daycare in Jubilee

At Tinies Daycare, safety comes first! That is why our Jubilee Day Nursery has taken certain safety measures to guarantee that your child remains happy and healthy.

In response to the pandemic and government recommendations, our health, safety, and sanitary procedures are often updated to ensure that we satisfy and surpass all health and safety standards and laws.

Millie's Mark

Are you looking for a daycare centre that is not only safe but also has the best first aid training in Lewisham?

Millie's Mark AwardTinies Jubilee day nursery is excited to announce that we have achieved the Millie's Mark Award, becoming the first setting in the Lewisham Borough to have received the highest recognition in first aid.

Awarded by the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) in association with the Department for Education and Millie's Trust, this is a national award given to settings for going above and beyond in meeting requirements in paediatric first aid.

Purnima Tanuku, Chief Executive of National Day Nurseries Association, said: 'Achieving Millie's Mark is a great achievement for the nursery; it shows that all staff are fully trained in paediatric first aid and that they have reflected on their current practice to improve competence and confidence. Becoming a Millie's Mark nursery is a clear indicator for parents that this nursery has met the highest standards and gives them the reassurance that their children are safe.'

The Team

Why should you pick Tinies Jubilee day nursery in Catford as your daycare provider?

The Tinies Jubilee day nursery Catford is a diverse group of individuals who are passionate about providing the highest quality of care for every child in the setting. They range in experience from apprentices to Level 6, and have studied in a number of different settings, bringing with them a wealth of experience.

Every day, we strive to provide a safe, enriching and fun environment where children can grow and learn. If you're interested in becoming a positive influence on a child's life, consider joining our team!

Send us your CV, If you are looking for a Nursery Practitioner job in Jubilee Day Nursery in Catford London.

Meals and Routines

What type of healthy meal plan does Tinies Jubilee day nursery offer in Catford?

In the Tinies Jubilee nursery in Catford London, we offer a varied meal plan that changes seasonally. This encourages the children to try new foods, and learn about healthy eating on a regular basis. While the food is prepared off site, we at Tinies Jubilee Daycare nursery liaise closely with the providers to ensure variety and quality.

Each room of the Jubilee nursery has a daily routine that they follow in an effort to help the children settle in. We work with each child and their parents to ensure a smooth transition from home routines to nursery routines.

View a sample meal plan.

Opening Dates

The Jubilee day nursery is open 51 weeks of the year. We close for a week around Christmas and New Year. We are closed on Bank Holidays and an additional 5 days off for colleague training.

Contact Us

Call the Tinies Daycare nursery on 020 8516 7410 to book a visit - we welcome all parents, carers and children, and you'll get the chance to see our facilities and meet our team at Jubilee day nursery in Catford London.

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Jubilee Nursery Part of the Tinies Daycare family
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020 8516 7410 Jubilee@tiniesdaycare.com
Jubilee Nursery Part of the Tinies Daycare family
Jubilee Pavilion
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020 8516 7410 Jubilee@tiniesdaycare.com
Quotation Mark
I have two children attending Tinies in Finchley, my daughter has been there for the past 2 years & recently my son has joined her. The staff & the care that they provide is amazing. Both of them are very happy & well cared for at Tinies, I love that ALL staff not just those in their rooms, know every child. Being linked with David Lloyd is great as there are more facilities available to use & explore, tennis courts, soft play, sports hall, even if the weather is bad they have plenty of space to run off their energy! It didn't take long for my son to settle & now he's very content in his room & you can see that he loves his key workers. As his parent it is lovely to hear feedback in the evening of how his day was & almost always a little story that is uniquely him, which makes me happy that he was listened to and observed during the day. My daughter is very happy too & has taken the transition from room to room very well as it helps that the staff already speak to her & know her even though she has not been in their care. Overall we are very satisfied with our choice of care. Thank you Tinies Finchely!
, Finchley Nursery Parent