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Tinies runs a number of local nurseries, daycare settings, kids clubs and crèches

across the UK.

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The crèche allowed me to fully participate in the business of conference: debates, votes, speeches, lunchtime fringes and, at one point, a campaign meeting. Without it, I could not have attended at all. With the crèche, I had the best of both worlds: regular cuddles with my son grounding me in between policy debates and ministerial Q&As.

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Welcome to our whole world of childcare

Tinies provides the very best children's daycare across the UK, whatever your needs. It's our whole world.

In caring for children, we care about every tiny detail, making sure children are happy and secure, and their parents are too! You're in very safe hands with Tinies.


Managed Children's Daycare Service provider since 2000

Looking to outsource the management of your childcare setting?

Tinies Daycare has been taking care of childcare settings for our clients since 2000, including settings in the retail, sports and leisure, and education sectors


Join our Team of Quality Childcare Professionals

Do you have what it takes to become a member of the Tinies Daycare Team?

We are always looking for quality child care to join our growing team across the UK and in Ireland. We offer everything from entry level apprenticeships to Setting manager roles, and everything in between.


Tinies - A Whole World of Childcare

Supporting clients and families with childcare options since 2000

Welcome to Tinies Daycare, the largest provider of children's daycare near you in the UK, looking after over 388,000 children each year.

We are a managed service provider of crèches, nurseries and holiday clubs, operating 35 registered childcare settings across the UK and Republic of Ireland.  We work with the full range of children's age groups from babies to teens and deliver all forms of children's daycare in a diverse marketplace.

Our nursery assistants care for babies and toddlers under the supervision of more experienced teachers and administrators, and help to ensure the safety and development of each child.

We work in partnership with our clients, which include IKEA, Central Government, Scottish Parliament, and Gloucestershire College. As a privately-owned company, we have a genuine desire and ethos to choose settings where we feel we can make a real difference. You can find our full client list here.

What we do

At Tinies Daycare, we greet everyone, big and small, with a smile and pride ourselves on delivering a quality service of consistent and loving childcare options that's tailored for our clients and their parents.

The number of children and the variety of ages that we see across our settings means our policies and procedures are second to none but we don't rest on our laurels. We constantly review our practices to ensure we are delivering top quality children's daycare and excel in everything we do.

Our magic ingredient

We believe the magic ingredient to excellent childcare is people and we spend a great deal of time recruiting, training and retaining the right talent for our business.

The longevity of our client accounts is testament to our wonderful people, alongside our passion for honesty, integrity, trust and transparency.

We have a mantra that we have to be able to sleep well at night...and to do that, we never compromise on quality.

Whatever childcare solution you are looking for, at Tinies Daycare, we are happy to help help you with some of the best childcare options near you in the UK.

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Our history in childcare... A tiny tale

Once upon a time in the year 2000, brothers Ben and Ollie Black acquired a little-known - and barely out of nappies - chain of nanny agencies called Tinies Childcare. A few short months later, Amanda Coxen, an old friend of the pair, joined them in their new endeavour.

The trio became a quartet when, in 2007, Lindsey Doe joined the team to manage the franchise business but very quickly became 'all things childcare'.

Since taking over Tinies Daycare, we have:

  • Learned to walk... We increased the number of local Tinies agencies from 2-32
  • Started to grow... Became an operator of childcare in 2002 and now operate 35 settings from nurseries to crèches and kids' clubs, looking after over 388,000 children each year
  • Matured...In 2019 we sold the agency side of Tinies, enabling us to focus on the growth and development of our operational settings and our client partnerships

Whatever childcare solution you are looking for, at Tinies Daycare, we are happy to help you with the best children's daycare options.


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If you have any questions about our childcare services or any queries related to daycare assistance, please contact our Central Support team.
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I can't express just how much my 2 year old daughter loves the Tinies nursery and its lively, fun facilities and its staff who make her feel very special and treat her as an individual. She has developed so much since moving to this nursery and the staff should be extremely proud of how they have facilitated her development. The environment is stimulating with lots to keep inquisitive little minds and hands busy. I always leave with a very happy, toddler. I can't rate this Tinies nursery highly enough.
Mum, Tinies Nursery, North Yorkshire