Tinies Daycare Meal & Activity Plans

Find out about the variety of meals and activities on offer at Tinies Cheltenham Day Nursery

Tinies Day Nursery Meal Plans

What meals does Tinies Daycare nursery provide?

Our nursery Meal plans change on a regular basis, usually every 3 months so that we can introduce new flavours through seasonal dishes. A healthy, balanced diet meal plan for toddlers and kids is needed to provide them with the essential nutrients required for their continued growth and development. Below you will find a sample of our nursery meal plan to give you an idea of the variety of choices we have on a regular basis.

Some children in our childcare setting may be required to follow a special food diet. This could be for several reasons, including allergies, intolerances, medical needs or could have dietary requirements based on cultural and religious beliefs. Hence, we take into consideration all requests while planning our nursery food menu or setting up our nursery meal plan.

The Manager of our Cheltenham Nursery will liaise with parents. Collating any information regarding your child's dietary needs, requirements or allergies on your Child Health Declaration form. If your child has special dietary requirements we'll do our best to accommodate them in our specially curated nursery food menu. You are welcome to mention this to the Tinies Daycare Colleague who shows you around the Cheltenham nursery, but we'll get you to fill in a complete Care Plan when you register for your child to start.

What is a balanced diet meal plan for toddlers?

A balanced diet chart for toddlers is provided considering children's nutritional requirements. At Tinies daycare we provide at least one serving of fruit or vegetables at each lunch time and rotate this schedule throughout the week. In addition, every day, at least one portion of protein-based food, such as beans, eggs, pulses, fish, or meat is served for lunch.

Here is the healthy balanced diet plan for a toddler:


 Nursery Meal Menu - Tinies Daycare Cheltenham Nursery

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Tinies Day Nursery Activity Plans

How do we plan activities for children's day care nurseries?

Our planning is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage(EYFS) by identifying a child's starting points. The children experience seven areas of learning and development and the three prime areas that nursery caters to are; igniting a child's curiosity, developing their enthusiasm for learning, building their capacity to learn, and forming relationships. It is crucial that all children, whether they attend full-time or part-time, have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities that cover all areas of learning and development.

We like to introduce the children at Tinies Daycare Nurseries to new experiences to help them develop their fine and gross motor skills as well as their imaginations. Here's a look at what we currently have on our agendas.

Some of our nursery activities are planned to happen every week, while others are organised on an adhoc basis, based on our specially curated kids nursery activity plan.

So be sure to talk to one of our colleagues about what is happening this week at the Nursery in Cheltenham.

What is the weekly activity plan for toddlers at Day Nursery Cheltenham

Listed below is our weekly activity plan for toddlers :


 Nursery Activity Plans - Tinies Daycare Cheltenham Nursery

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