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Tinies Daycare Managed Services for Kids Clubs

Why outsource your kid's club management? We design and run fantastic clubs for children. We measure ourselves by getting regular, great feedback and usage at our kids holiday clubs, playschemes and daycare settings

Managed Kids Club Services UK

We manage fantastic kid's holiday clubs for our clients so normality can resume during the school holidays! Our kids club daycare provides your child with an opportunity to engage in exciting and fun activities that will significantly and positively influence their well-being. Our local kids club daycare is the perfect place for your kids to make new friends and develop social interactions.

School holidays are often a problematic for parents both in finding childcare in the right location, finding something their children want to do and juggling work!

We work solely with corporate clients who want to help their employees with a childcare solution during the school holiday periods. Either clients opt to provide a kids holiday club for all 13 weeks or for a proportion of the holidays, often Easter and summer being the favourites.

Either clients provide us with space within their building or we look for suitable local premises to host the Children's holiday club, making it easy for parents to combine both their childcare needs with their work commitments.

Many corporate clients provide some form of subsidy too, making the proportion even more attractive and genuinely helping their employees combine work and family.

Helping parents combine the two is smart as it drives loyalty, engagement and reduces absenteeism through difficult times.

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Outsourcing the management of your kids holiday club

We design and run fantastic holiday clubs for children around the UK. We're driven by doing whatever it takes to give parents and children the solution they need, ensuring your kids' holiday clubs are well-loved and attended.

Tinies Daycare Kids Clubs for parents

Tinies Daycare runs a number of kids holiday clubs, as well as dedicated local day nurseries, permanent crèches.

We want all children in our Local Kids Clubs to be able to relax and enjoy themselves whilst getting the most out of their time with us.

Tinies Daycare Kids Holiday Clubs always have a fantastic range of activities planned, and we're constantly striving to develop our children's programme.

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Working in a Tinies Daycare kids club

We have a large range of childcare jobs available across the UK, whether you're looking to work in a fun holiday club, a crèche, or in a local nursery.

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Quotation Mark
It was a fantastic two weeks for my 4 year old daughter at Tinies Kids Clubs! She had a brilliant time and can't wait to return during the summer session. The team were great! Especially the Managers bespoke attention to each child and parent was outstanding. She is really an asset to the holiday camp - and will be great to keep her on for as long as possible!
Gloria, Brentford, Holiday Club