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We went as a family to your store this evening and dreaded the trip as one of our children has Autistic Spectrum Disorder., but we needed shelves and took the risk going. As soon as we arrived, we saw your children's play area and tried our luck to see if our some would go in there to play while we shopped. He agreed ad surprised both his Dad and I. Not only did he have a good time in there, the staff were very helpful in asking what his triggers were and how he would react if there should happen to be a fire alarm sound go off while he was in their care. This simple awareness reassured s that he was in safe hands while learning to be independent from us. They also gave us a telephone number to call in advance next time, to book him in to the play area due to his additional needs and to help avoid disappointment , and so he wouldn't miss out if the crèche was full.

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What is a Crèche?

Hosting a children's crèche means children and adults get to enjoy their own activities at your event... and it's a great way to avoid spoilt speeches and spilt drinks!

Mobile Creches

Our most popular corporate childcare option, mobile child crèches are designed for children aged 3 months and upwards.

The  children have the opportunity to be cared for in a safe, secure and fun  environment. From structured activities to free play, our mobile child's crèche  'zones' are created for specific age ranges so all children enjoy their crèche  experience.

Mobile crèches for children run for as little as 4 hours upwards.

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Mobile Childcare crèches for corporate events

You will always find a friendly, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere when entering one of our pop up mobile children's crèches.

We  ensure that children are able to play freely with the opportunity to  participate in a variety of structured activities throughout the  session.

Will younger children be coming to your event?

Mobile childcare crèches are often chosen for conferences and other corporate events where younger children are going to be present. Our extensive equipment allows children to explore alone or as part of a group.

Where  we are providing toys and activities for the event we will make sure to  take the age of the children into consideration. Mobile crèche  programmes are put together for clients and advertised to parents on the  day.

Our mobile crèche 'child zones' are created based on the children attending:


  • Baby Zone
  • Snooze Zone
  • Active Zone




A Tailored Corporate Crèche Package

Our childcare crèche services  are bespoke to your needs, requirements and  budget, ensuring that the  children have a great time, and allowing you  to enjoy your event.


Mobile Creche

Make life easier for the working parents at your next conference or corporate event with our on-site childcare solutions.

You   can increase event attendance by allowing parents the freedom and   flexibility of onsite childcare. From KIT Day crèches to mobile crèches   at your next conference, Tinies can help to make sure that you and all   your tiny guests are well taken care of.

We also manage long standing crèches for clients - Read more about our Managed Crèche Services.


What next...

At Tinies  Daycare Child Crèches we always put children first. We provide safe and fun mobile  crèches, childcare for corporate and private events and manage the very  best fixed crèche settings across the UK. We care about all the little  details of your crèche.


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We spent some time today in your Exeter store where my two young children took advantage of the 1-hour free supervised playtime in your play area. One of my sons is autistic. I just want to say how impressed I am with care and consideration we received for him from your care staff in the play area. They asked for everything they needed to know about my son and played with him and supervised him in an excellent manner. He has been talking nonstop about Alice since we left and wants to come back again soon. I cannot express how happy this experience has been for him, please pass on my feedback to Alice I hope she is recognised for her service she truly is an asset to your company.
Parent, IKEA Exeter