Workplace Nursery Partnership

About the Workplace Nursery Partnership

    • Reduce your working parents biggest outgoing at no cost to the business!

    We partner with organisations who have a forward-thinking approach to supporting their colleagues when returning to work from maternity/paternity leave and would like to offer a childcare benefits programme to their employees.Our partnership will offer your colleagues a Workplace Nursery solution that reduces their childcare costs and offers savings to you, the company.

    • Offer a benefit without the overhead!

    Many organisations want to enhance their benefits package but in the current climate cannot afford to do so. Many also want to provide childcare onsite but the operational overhead and space required is a deterrent in many cases. That's why the partnership model works well as you can be the Company that offers daycare in, or near, the workplace as a childcare benefit but without the overhead.

    • Be an 'employer of choice' for working parents by offering a highly cost - effective Workplace Nursery Scheme, that is local to their place of work.

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How it Works

Working closely with Tinies Daycare, your company will take a number of spaces at a partner nursery near to your office,to create a 'nursery within a nursery' to offer to your employees.Tinies Daycare will manage the regulatory requirements and work with you to effectively fill your spaces. You will need to take part in the management and financing of the nursery.

When an employer establishes a partnership with us, they are able to utilise the Workplace Nursery exemption - enabling working parents to save 32% -42% on their nursery fees. There are specific criteria to meet the exemption.If eligible, employees can benefit from the considerable savings this scheme offers.

As an employer, the cost of set-up and management of this benefit will be funded by savings made in Employer National Insurance contributions.

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Wanting to open your own Workplace Nursery?

All of the above benefits work for onsite childcare too and we work can work with you to set up the same arrangement at your place of work. Space and working capital are the two things you need to provide to set this up and we do the rest!

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I can't express just how much my 2 year old daughter loves the Tinies nursery and its lively, fun facilities and its staff who make her feel very special and treat her as an individual. She has developed so much since moving to this nursery and the staff should be extremely proud of how they have facilitated her development. The environment is stimulating with lots to keep inquisitive little minds and hands busy. I always leave with a very happy, toddler. I can't rate this Tinies nursery highly enough.
Mum, Tinies Nursery, North Yorkshire