Workplace Nursery Partnership For Employees

Workplace Nursery Partnership for Employees

Save £3000+ on annual childcare costs

The workplace nursery partnership allows parents to save a lot on childcare costs

Parents can return to work

The workplace nursery partnership allows your employers to provide you with childcare so you can return to work after maternity leave

Peace of mind

A Workplace nursery may enable them to be close to their children throughout the working day giving peace of mind about their child's wellbeing

Quality Childcare

Get high quality of childcare for your child, as well as save time by not having to drop them off and pick them up from other childcare facilities.


Quotation Mark
Our two boys; 3.5yrs and 16 months are so happy and settled here. They are very comfortable with the staff and always run straight off to play when we drop them off. The staff are excellent at communicating how the boys are on a daily basis and each term through regular reviews and assessments of how they are developing. The boys have regular trips, do cooking, painting and lots of messy play. Our eldest talks a lot about his friends and the staff there and it is clear that they work on different topics each term as he talks about it a lot. Our youngest has been there for 6 months and is developing very confidently now. The food and snacks are great with a wide variety each week. It is a comfort to know how happy they both are there when going back to work after maternity leave with both boys and we would recommend them to friends and family.
, Cheltenham Nursery Parent