Why This Benefit & Why Now?

Because it's a benefit that is tax efficient, attracts and retains talent, and truly supports working parents!

The societal role of employers has grown and millennials seek benefits that combine work and family.

A family's financial wellbeing is not just about planning for the future, but helping in the here and now.

Childcare costs are one of the main contributors to 'if' an employee returns to work post maternity/paternity.

Help in that decision making by offering up to 42% off their annual childcare costs through salary exchange.

Help with financial wellbeing now when childcare costs are often more than a family's mortgage!

Help women return to work after maternity leave. Help women return to work Helpwom to work.

Promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Help women return to work Help women to work.

Help close the gender pay gap. Help women return to work Help women Help women to work.

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Quotation Mark
My daughter enrolled last august. It is a big challenge for a 18 months and English is not her first language. We were so worried. Now, she has moved to the toddler room and she loves nursery. She walks into her room every morning with a smile. Her development is good and English doesn't bother her any more. I believe my daughter is healthy, safe and happy in Tinies, and that is all I want from a nursery.
, York Nursery Parent