Onsite Daycare & Virtual Nurseries - How It Works

The cost of childcare forces many of your employees to make a tough choice: childcare or career? What if you could make their decisions easier by bringing childcare to them?

You've worked hard to create a workplace where employees enjoy coming to work. But research shows they're looking for something more: benefits that change with their evolving priorities and help them excel at work and parenting. Join a movement of progressive employers supporting working families with our on-site childcare & Virtual Nurseries.

Whether it's an onsite daycare nursery or a 'virtual' workplace nursery you want to establish, Tinies Daycare will help you all the way, bringing our extensive regulatory and management expertise to bear.

It's not straight forward, as the structure must meet eligibility conditions within tax legislation, however we work through this with you to give you comfort in meeting the criteria.

For a 'virtual' nursery you are committing to a number of places in one of our partnership nurseries, both financially and managerially, typically for a 2- or 3- year rolling term.

If eligible you have the ability to help with your employee's financial wellbeing by saving working parents between 32% - 42% on their nursery fees via salary sacrifice deduction whilst making savings yourself, as the employers in your ERNIC contributions.

Example based on a monthly nursery fee of £1,200 per month:

Annual Salary

monthly saving














We guide and support you every step of the way to ensure the partnership benefits all.

This includes:

  • Checking eligibility data for a partnership
  • Taking you through the financial and managerial commitment
  • Calculating the number of places required to meet your need & exemption guidance
  • Advising you on your eligibility and enrolment policy
  • Managing the full process from finding the right partner nursery, marketing and contracts.
  • Being by your side at all times.

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Quotation Mark
Both of our children are still in care of Tinies Nursery and we highly recommend this place to every parent and children in Gloucestershire. Tinies Nursery/preshool is based in historic docks and has got great outdoor and indoor facilities for your kids ;) The all staff in Tinies Nursery is very caring, highly committed in early education and very friendly. Both of our kids love this place and all staff working there. Tinies Nursery is also very clean and they have got 5* rating for food and hygiene.
, Gloucester Nursery Parent