Frequently Asked Questions at Tinies Daycare Nurseries for York Day

Below are some of the questions we get asked by parents about our nursery fee structure, nursery curriculum & more when their children are attending a Tinies Daycare Nursery

What's the cost of attending your nursery in York?

Tinies Daycare nursery fee structure will depend on how many sessions you choose to take. Tinies Nurseries charge on a sessional basis and there are morning and afternoon sessions every day of the week. The exact cost of a session varies from setting to setting, so please request a nursery fee structure from your local Tinies Daycare Nursery.

When is your setting closed?

Tinies Daycare settings are closed on all National Bank Holidays, and for five days around Christmas and New Year - these dates are confirmed each September and communicated to parents. Bank Holidays are chargeable, however the five days over Christmas are not.

What is your settling in process?

At Tinies Daycare York Nursery, we work in conjunction with parents/guardians to make this process as simple as possible for everyone. We will discuss more about how we settle your child in the nursery with you when you confirm your start date with us. You can also ask further questions about the settling in process when you visit our Nursery for a Showround.

At York nursery we offer two, two-hour free sessions. Before your settling session your child is assigned a key person who you will meet on the day, this person is responsible for your child's care, education and learning journey, you will meet them to discuss your child's routines, needs and interests, then when you are ready you can leave your child for the rest of the visit.

Can you accommodate my child's dietary needs?

During the settling in process, your child's Key Person will discuss your child's dietary needs and we will work with you to accommodate them. Where necessary, we will complete a nursery Care Plan to accompany these requests. All our food is cooked fresh daily by the chefs from David Lloyd leisure. We can accommodate any dietary needs your child may have.

Can your nursery accommodate a child with additional needs?

At Tinies Daycare York Nurseries we provide an inclusive setting and work with parents and children with additional needs to make sure the experience is a positive one for everyone. Each child's needs will be assessed individually, and we would agree on the best Care Plan for that child's learning activities.

What Nursery Curriculum do you follow?

Tinies Daycare Nurseries follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Development Matters Curriculum (EYFS Curriculum). We believe in play-based nursery learning activities.
The EYFS curriculum for the nursery sets the standards for the learning, development, and care of children from birth to 5-years-old.

Early Years Foundation Stage Development Matters

How often do the children play outside?

All of our nursery settings have access to outdoor space to enhance their learning journey, because we believe that indoor and outdoor learning activities are paramount to a child's development. The children use this space daily and in all kinds of weather.

What do you offer outside of the Nursery Curriculum?

We offer a variety of extracurricular outdoor learning activities that complement the EYFS curriculum at nursery and offer enhanced learning experience for the children at our daycare Nurseries. We have enlisted our experts to provide some examples of outdoor nursery learning activities to help get you started. The learning activities offered at each of our nursery settings differ, so be sure to look at the individual sites, or ask one of our colleagues for more information. Read more about our nursery extra-curricular program.

What meals do you provide?

At Tinies Daycare York we provide a variety of fruits for morning snack, a balanced and nutritious lunch and dessert that is cooked on site and served at 12pm, we then serve afternoon tea at 4pm.

Where is the nursery located?

Tinies Nursery York is located just inside David Lloyd Leisure behind the reception desk.

How do you share information about my child?

At Tinies Daycare York we want to work in partnership with you as parents/ carers sharing information daily and honestly through verbal meetings on arrival and departure.

We are also lucky enough to have an online learning journey platform whereby we can share photos and observations of your child at nursery directly to your phone /tablet, you can comment and also share the adventures you have at home with us.

When is your Settling in visits?

Tinies York Nursery curriculum is designed to work in conjunction with families to make this process as simple as possible for everyone. We will discuss in detail about the EYFS curriculum for nursery with you when you confirm your start date with us here at Tinies Daycare York Nursery. You can also ask further questions about the nursery curriculum as well as the nursery fee structure settling in process when you visit our York Nursery for a showround. When showing families around our nursery we like to be able to give you as much information as possible.

During settling in visits here at Tinies Daycare York Nursery, children will spend time in our Nursery garden with one of our nursery team to find out as much as we can about your little one. We use a short form called an 'All about me' to help us gain an insight into routines and family life at home. Our settling in visits will give your child the time to get to know some of our nursery team and allow your child to explore and engage in our outdoor environment and resources.

Parents will be asked to stay with their children at the initial settling-in visit to introduce them gradually to the provision and so that they can settle comfortably. Children need time to bond with their key person and the nursery team to enable them to become familiar with the provision's routines and the environment in order to feel happy and safe. After the first visit, parents will be welcome to stay for as long as they want but it is normally recommended that you do leave your child for a short period as well to help them to adjust to their new surroundings. When parents leave, we would advise to say goodbye to your child and explain that they will be coming back, and when. The length of time your child is left for can gradually be increased as they grow in confidence and adjust to their new surroundings.

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My daughter enrolled last august. It is a big challenge for a 18 months and English is not her first language. We were so worried. Now, she has moved to the toddler room and she loves nursery. She walks into her room every morning with a smile. Her development is good and English doesn't bother her any more. I believe my daughter is healthy, safe and happy in Tinies, and that is all I want from a nursery.
, York Nursery Parent