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We create a safe and caring environment so your child can play and learn in our care, while you relax, knowing that we've got all the bases covered.

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What is the Policy & Procedure in Tinies Daycare Nursery?

We create a safe and caring environment so your child can play and learn in our care while the parents can relax knowing their child is in safe hands. Our policy is to ensure the health and safety of all children in our nursery, enabling them to learn and develop.

Tinies Daycare philosophy and culture

What is the purpose of a Philosophy & Culture in Early Childhood education?

We believe that every child is a unique individual. To enable the natural skills, abilities and personality of each child to flourish, all Tinies Daycare settings promote a safe and caring environment that offers children the opportunity to learn through structured and unstructured play.

We enable children to make sense of the world around them, by exploring and experiencing life within the safety of a supervised and caring environment.  We provide a range of activities to meet all areas of a child's development (physical, intellectual, social and emotional).

Each Tinies Daycare setting varies in its play, activities and routines as these are based around the age group being cared for and the reason for care. In all Tinies Daycare settings, the parent/guardian can view the days planned activities. Please feel free to ask a member of the Tinies Daycare team for the settings plan.

List of Policies and Procedures in a Tinies Daycare Nursery :


Admissions policy 

What is the admission policy at our Tinies Daycare Nursery?

To ensure that your child's needs are met whilst in our care, before attending a Tinies Daycare setting, we require a completed Registration Form, including parental consent for action in an emergency situation. Understandably, we cannot accept your child into our care without this information and consent.

On arrival at a Tinies Daycare setting, please speak to a colleague and highlight any specific requirements and/or needs your child may have. Our admissions policy works in conjunction with our equality, diversity and inclusion policy and should be read together.

Accidents and incidents 

What procedures do we follow in the case of accidents and incidents at our Day Care Nursery?

Tinies Daycare will ensure that you know everything about your child's visit and should your child have an accident or incident whilst in a Tinies Daycare setting, depending on the severity.

  • We will either contact you immediately, or inform you on collection and request that you sign the Accident Form which highlights the cause, effect and treatment administered.
  • All accidents and incidents will be dealt with by a qualified First Aider and the cause assessed to avoid recurrence.
  • If your child has had an accident within the last 48 hours, or has an injury from a previous accident, we ask that you inform the Tinies Daycare Team on signing your child in so that we can record the details and closely monitor your child.

Babysitting policy 

What is the Policy regarding Babysitting outside the Nursery?

Tinies Daycare exercises precautions in employing team members to ensure our colleagues are suitable to be employed to work with children. However, we are unable to provide assurances to their suitability to look after your child unsupervised in a babysitting situation. Tinies have no involvement with arrangements made external with our colleagues and cannot be held liable for such arrangements. We also request that out of hours work arrangements don't interfere with a colleague's employment at the setting and that confidentiality regarding other children, colleagues and parents is respected at all times. Babysitting arrangements should be made outside of a colleague's working hours.

Behaviour management 

What are the Behaviour Management Strategies in Tinies Daycare Nursery?

Children's Behaviour Management

Managing a child's behaviour is a challenging skill. The personal, social, and emotional development is one of the cornerstones of the early year's curriculum. The way a child learns to manage and balance their emotions can have a long-term impact on their behaviour.

Your child will be encouraged to show respect for other people, their beliefs and opinions, and the childcare environment. Every child will be encouraged and nurtured without prejudice in a Tinies Daycare setting. We recognise that children act according to their age and stage of development.Tinies Daycare colleagues are aware of the ages/stages of development and will use their knowledge and understanding of child development to appropriately manage your children's behaviour within the setting. The team will work with you and your child to support appropriate behaviour, taking into consideration individual needs and abilities.


The Tinies Daycare team will not attribute any terms to your child that may result in them being unnecessarily or inappropriately 'labelled'. We are fully aware that feedback regarding negative behaviour should always be delivered in a calm and controlled manner. Positive methods of guidance will be used at all times and it include :

  • Redirection, anticipation and avoidance of potentially volatile situations.
  • Positive reinforcement and praise.

Physical punishment, in the form of smacking, shaking or shouting or other methods, which may be regarded as humiliating, threatening or frightening will never be used. Tinies Daycare colleagues will speak to children calmly and gently yet will be firm when required. The only circumstance in which it may be acceptable and necessary for a member of the Tinies Daycare team to raise their voice would be as a warning to alert danger. Any behaviour causing concern or of a consistent nature will be discussed with you and appropriate strategies planned to ensure a consistent approach.

The Tinies Daycare team recognise that from time to time, some children will display behaviour that is classed as inappropriate. If this is ongoing, we will discuss the suitability of our setting for your child with you.


Why is confidentiality important in a Nursery?

Tinies Daycare Settings

All Tinies Daycare settings will keep information held on your child confidential, except where there are concerns for a child's safety and welfare. In this instance, information may be shared with authorities in accordance with the Local Regulatory Body guidance.

Equality, diversity and inclusion 

How do we promote equality and diversity in our Tinies Daycare Nursery Settings?

We aim to provide inclusion and integration of children with disabilities and additional needs. We also respect and celebrate cultural diversity and actively promote positive images and positive role models to the children in our care.

  • We will always endeavour to provide the best possible quality care for all children, including those with additional needs and will do our best to ensure that all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential.
  • Tinies Daycare believes that all children should be treated as individuals in a manner appropriate to their age and stage of development.
  • Awareness of a child's additional needs will not detract from their integration and inclusion within the environment and will be considered in supporting your child and their development whilst in our care.

We therefore request that you provide any additional information to the Tinies Daycare team in order to support your child. It is important that this information is current and accurate.

A Care Plan will be written if your child is identified by you as having additional needs. This plan will be written in conjunction with you to ensure that we have as much information as possible to provide a safe environment for your child. In our nurseries, we have a named Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) who will support you and your child and devise an Individual Education Plan whilst also liaising with professionals or agencies beyond the setting.

Retail Settings only 

If your child is visiting for the first time and has been identified by yourself as having additional needs, the ratio will be dropped to 1:1 on the first visit. This allows our colleagues to evaluate the needs of your child, carry out an assessment to ensure that they're able to meet the child's needs, and make sure that they can evacuate them safely if required to do so. In some cases, during busy periods, you may be given an alternative later booking time in order to accommodate this 1-1 ratio and assessment.

If the Tinies Daycare team feels that your child will thrive in the setting and that colleagues can care for them fully without presenting any risk to the child, the ratio will revert back to 1:8 or 1:4 on any future visits depending on the level of care required. At drop-off for all future visits, you will need to confirm with a Tinies Daycare colleague whether there have been any changes to your child's needs or behaviour that may indicate your child will require more additional care than previously thought.

If your child has more complex additional needs, the completed Care Plan and a Risk Assessment will be discussed with a member of the Operations Team so they can liaise with our insurance company, to ensure that we have the appropriate cover. Colleagues will explain to parents that, if they wish their child to enter the childcare setting, they will be required to remain with them in the crèche until the insurance company has approved their child to be in our care.

Once the insurance company has approved cover, you will be encouraged to call and book in advance to ensure we have the correct ratio of colleagues available to provide the appropriate care.

Exclusion Policy 

What is our exclusion policy in our Nursery?

At Tinies Daycare we are responsible for the welfare of all children and our colleagues by ensuring good health is promoted.To do this we take positive steps to prevent the spread of infection.That is why we will not accept sick children into care for their welfare and to reduce the risk of infection to others. This includes but is not limited to fever or temperature, diarrhoea and /or vomiting, doubtful rash, conjunctivitis, infectious illness.

If your child has sickness and diarrhoea, they cannot attend until 48 hours has elapsed in which they are symptom-free.

If your child has an infectious illness such as chicken pox, mumps, measles, etc. they cannot attend even if they feel well due to the risk to other babies and pregnant mothers.

If your child or anyone in your house displays symptoms of Coronavirus (Covid-19) you must stay at home and self-isolate for 14 days. Due to this being a new illness we advise you check and follow government guidance as updates are likely to occur frequently.

In all cases of infection control, if you are unsure whether your child is infectious you should seek medical advice.

If your child has a rash or is suffering from a non-specific virus, they will not be accepted into care without first having received medical advice.

Tinies Daycare reserves the right to refuse admission to your child temporarily on the grounds of ill health if it is likely to cause possible harm to your child or other children without discriminating against your child's rights.

If your child become unwell whilst in care a first aider will be asked to see the child immediately and you will be called and asked to collect your child. While waiting your child will be continually monitored and comforted and where possible in isolation. If your child's condition worsens such that it causes concern to the first aider then suitable medical treatment will be arranged in the form of a GP or ambulance and a colleague will escort your child and notify you immediately

We use the Infection Control in Schools and Other Childcare Settings document from Public Health England, Public Health Wales and NHS Health Scotland for reference.

Please note that If visiting one of our settings during term time with a school aged child the Tinies Team will ask why your child is off school.

Fire safety and evacuating a building 

How are the safety measures maintained in a Nursery?

Our Colleagues are trained in health and safety guidelines in a childcare setting.

      On hearing the fire alarm:Tinies Daycare team to evacuate children safely

  • Evacuate through the nearest fire exit, please do not try to collect your child.
  • Please leave the Tinies Daycare team to evacuate children safely, they cannot release your child until they have been given the all clear by the Fire Marshall.
  • The Tinies Daycare team keeps a register of the children in their care so that they are able to complete a head count before evacuating the building safely.


Once the children have been evacuated from the building:

  • The Tinies Daycare team will complete a head count and name roll call at their designated meeting point.
  • Our colleagues cannot release children to you whilst the fire alarm is sounding.
  • If the Fire Marshal deems the building to be unsafe or unable to re-enter, Tinies Day care colleagues will set up a safety check point where they will release children one at a time to the parent/guardian who dropped them off using our signing in and out system. For our nursery settings where parents leave children, we will contact you to collect your child from a safety checkpoint.
  • Your child will only be released back to you once they are safely in the building or signed out from the safety checkpoint.


Workplace Nursery Solution by Tinies Daycare

Food and drink policy 

Why is it important for nurseries to implement a food and nutrition policy?

Food and Drink Policy at Tinies Daycare Settings

Some of the Tinies Daycare settings provide snacks and meals. All meals, snacks and drinks provided by Tinies Daycare are healthy, balanced and nutritious.

Nursery Meals:


Our Nursery daycare settings are committed to providing quality meals. Meals are varied, healthy, safe, balanced and nutritious. They include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables - providing a variety of flavours and textures for the children to try. This variety encourages and shapes the healthy eating habits of future generations. There will be a supply of fresh drinking water at all times. Clean and hygienic eating facilities will be provided for use by children and colleagues; good hygiene practices are expected of all colleagues when handling food/preparing eating facilities. Children will be shown personal hygiene practices and are encouraged to use them when eating and drinking. Eating times for the children will be organised to provide a 'home-from-home' feel, with colleagues sitting and eating with the children at the tables.

Formula milk for babies:


You must provide measured formula milk or formula powder in a sealed container, labelled with your child's name. Colleagues in our Nurseries will add water to pre-measured formula powder as instructed. In our crèches we do not have access to full kitchen facilities. Therefore, you must provide formula milk, premade in a bottle or carton.

Bottles can be warmed in a bottle warmer if requested.

Packed lunch/snack:


Where children stay all day, we may not have the facilities to provide food. In this case, you will be asked to provide a cold packed lunch or snack; we request that all lunch boxes are in a cool bag as refrigeration facilities are not always provided. We are unable to reheat food due to food safety. Lunchboxes and any other food must be clearly labelled with your child's name. We also request that fizzy drinks, nuts and nut-based products, including peanut butter are avoided at all times, due to some children having severe allergies.



Tinies Daycare settings recognise that your child may have an individual dietary requirement, due to a medical condition, cultural preference or during weaning. All information about your child's dietary needs is recorded on their Child Registration Form and a Care Plan will be completed. It is your responsibility to inform the Tinies Daycare team if your child has any allergies and to ensure all medical information is provided and updated when changes occur. In addition, your child's Care Plan must be signed by both yourself and a Tinies Daycare colleague. The Tinies Daycare team will share this information amongst themselves to ensure that your child's needs are met whilst in our care. All Tinies Daycare sites have a robust procedure in place to manage special dietary requirements.

Any colleague who prepares food will have achieved a Level 2 award in Food Safety for Catering, the onsite manager or the most senior Tinies Daycare colleague will also have this qualification. 

Hygiene and infection control policy 

What are the procedures for hygiene and infection control in our Nursery?

Wellbeing is the heart of what we do and we understand that inquisitive minds will explore their environment with hands, feet and anything that looks fun! That is why the environment needs to be kept in a clean and hygienic condition for all children, our colleagues and visitors.

There are a number of ways that we encourage hygiene routines, including regular and effective handwashing among the children and we have a number of procedures in place to maintain and uphold a clean environment, to ensure we reduce the risk and spread of infection amongst the children and our colleagues. All colleagues wear suitable PPE when changing nappies, dealing with food, during first aid incidents and when dealing with any bodily fluid.

Due to the children mixing within large groups and possible for the first time, we actively encourage parents to ensure that your child is fully immunised. As part of our admissions policy we request a health questionnaire to be completed, providing us with your child's immunisation record.

Intimate and personal care 

How do we at Tinies Daycare support children's personal care routines?

Intimate and Personal Care at Tinies Daycare Settings

All Tinies Daycare Colleagues are aware of and have respect for cultural or religious sensitivities related to aspects of intimate care. The Tinies Daycare team will be expected to know how to care for children in intimate situations such as toileting and show respect for every child. Where possible your child will be encouraged to undertake as much of the procedure for themselves.

Uncollected child 

What would we do if you were not able to collect your child on time from our Daycare Nursery?

In the event that you fail to collect your child from our care at the designated time, the Tinies Daycare team will follow the company procedure to make every effort to contact you and keep your child entertained and safe until the situation is resolved. If we are unable to contact you with a reasonable period of time, we will attempt to contact the listed emergency contact.  If they are unreachable, we will be left with no option but to contact the police due to our duty of care to your child.


What steps do we take if a child seems unwell at our Nursery?

Your child may attend a Tinies Daycare setting whilst receiving medication if:

Medication Facilities at Tinies Daycare Settings

  • They have a long-term medical condition and require ongoing treatment,
  • They are well and not distressed but need to complete a course of treatment,
  • Or, they are no longer infectious.

In addition to the above conditions, the first dose must have been administered at home at least 24 hours before entering care. Only prescribed medication can be administered in our Nursery settings and by a Tinies Daycare colleague, once the Medication Form has been completed. All medication must be clearly labelled with your child's name, the name of the medicine, the dosage frequency, and storage requirements. All measuring spoons or medicine syringes must be provided.

If your child requires life saving medication or medicines that require technical/medical knowledge a meeting must be held with the setting manager in advance of care being provided. At this stage, a Child Care Plan (CP) must be completed and a Call to Action Plan devised, including identifying suitable training from a health care professional. The CP will then be sent to our insurance company for approval and to instruct us if special conditions need to be implemented to accommodate your child. You will be informed of the outcome, and training will then be undertaken. We will endeavour to ensure that this process is as quick as possible to avoid any delayed starts in your child attending care.It is your responsibility to inform the Tinies Daycare Team of any changes to your child's condition and/or medication.

In our nurseriesMedication at Tinies Daycare


Because febrile convulsions can happen as a result of any illness that causes a high temperature, especially in children under five years, it is important that we act quickly.

With your permission we will give a child non-prescribed temperature reducing medication such as Calpol, in order to reduce the temperature.This medication will only be administered if your child has a temperature above 38?C and you will be contacted before the medication is given. When you are contacted, you will be asked to collect your child from the nursery as soon as possible. You will be asked to sign a consent form for providing Calpol when registering your child at the nursery.

N.B During the Covid-19 Pandemic any children with a temperature above 37.8 will not be allowed to enter the setting, and if they develop a temperature whilst at setting, will need to be collected immediately.


How do you plan an outing for children at Tinies Daycare Nursery?

At times, the Tinies Daycare team take the children on outings to local parks, on local walks or on a pre-arranged trip. We advertise all trips in advance and in all cases the Tinies Daycare team will adhere to the terms set out in the policy and strictly follow health and safety regulations as set down and in accordance with the local Regulatory Body guidelines. You will be asked to provide consent for your child to take part in all trips. Your child will not be allowed to leave the premises unless written consent has been received from you. You will be notified in advance of forthcoming trips and outings. Where possible, outings will be included in the daily rate per child.

Additional outings may incur an extra cost, however you will be advised of any additional costs prior to booking. All transportation booked by Tinies Daycare will comply with our insurance policy and all necessary Risk Assessments will be carried out.


Tinies Daycare may take photos of children in our care for internal purposes such as display boards, learning journals and occasionally for marketing purposes. Permission will be sought from you on your child's Registration Form. Tinies Daycare colleagues will not allow anyone else to photograph children unless permission has been sought from all parents/guardians in advance and details of the photographer and reasons for photography provided. If you have not given us consent to photograph your child, we will make sure they do not appear in any still shots or video footage.

In order to maintain a strict photography policy, we ask that all children who attend one of our settings do not bring any electronic device. Should a child enter a setting with a device we will remove the device whilst in care. We can not take responsibility for the loss or damage to any device.

Website and Social Media 

Our website is used for the express purpose of disseminating information about the types of services we provide and allowing individuals the opportunity to communicate with us and express an interest in our services.

We respect your privacy and treat your data with the greatest care. We will not pass your details onto any third parties. Should you have any questions about how data is collected and stored please refer to our Settings Privacy Policy and Setting Data Protection Policy available on our website and printable on request.

Please note that due to Covid-19 your information may be shared with the NHS for test and Trace and Track and Trace purposes.


What is safeguarding in the EYFS?

The welfare of your children is paramount and should any Tinies Daycare colleague, parent or visitor have concerns for your child's welfare they will speak to the setting's Designated Safeguarding Officer who will follow the Tinies Daycare reporting procedures, in conjunction with the Local Authority Safeguarding Children Board or the Child Protection team and relevant Social Services Department.

If the matter relates to a member of the Tinies Daycare management team, concerns should be directed to the Company Designated Safeguarding Officer, Tinies Daycare Director or Local Safeguarding Children Board.


How do we maintain security at our Daycare Nursery Settings?

Children's Safety at Tinies Daycare

When leaving your child, you are required to sign them in and out of care. We operate several systems across our childcare settings to meet the type of care we are offering. We ask that all parents comply with our procedure to safeguard your child. Please ask at your site if you would like to know the specific procedure followed.

Our systems include:

  • Password verification on collection
  • Security wristbands for parents
  • Security belts for children, and a pager system
  • Signature Match

Children's safety is of paramount importance and Tinies Daycare has the right to refuse collection if they are unsatisfied with the identification of the person collecting. The child will remain at the setting until contact has been made with the parent/guardian.

Suitable People 

The Tinies Daycare Team are recruited for their experience and knowledge in childcare and their ability to make children feel secure whilst having fun in a safe environment.

All Tinies Daycare colleagues have a current Enhanced DBS check or PVG Scheme Record for Scotland, Access NI for Northern Ireland, including confirmation of vetting form, Garda check for Republic of Ireland. References and copies of qualifications have been viewed and verified. In Scotland, colleagues are also required to be SSSC registered.

At each of our childcare settings, we follow the legal requirements when it comes to the number of colleagues who hold valid Paediatric First Aid qualifications.

Sun protection 

Why is it important to have a sun safety policy in childcare?

We actively encourage protection of children against the sun and request that every child attending a setting where children can play outside brings a hat, preferably with neck protection and lightweight clothing with either a full sleeve or short sleeve. Sandals, flip-flops and other open toed shoes are not allowed to be worn. Please either apply sun protection cream to your child's skin or bring your child's own sun cream on the day. If the latter, you will need to provide permission on the child's registration form for this to be applied by the child with assistance (if required) by a member of the Tinies Daycare team, before playing outside in the summer months.

In some of our nursery settings, sun protection cream will be provided for your child.

Children who do not have adequate protection will not be allowed to play outside to protect them from the harmful rays.

Adverse Weather and Early Closures Policy 

How do we protect your child from Adverse Weather or from Natural Calamities at our Nursery?

We take the health and safety of your children very seriously and put in every effort to keep the setting safe for everyone. Unfortunately, there are times when we may take the decision to close the setting however, this decision will not be taken lightly.

Should we need to close the setting due to an incident such as flooding or due to inclement weather (such as snow or excessive heat), we will send out an email communication to parents/guardians at the earliest possible moment. We will follow this up with a phone call, where we will leave a message if we are unable to reach you.



What toilet facilities do we provide in our Early Years Setting?


Toileting Facilities at Tines Daycare

In our Nurseries and Crèches, you must provide a bag which contains nappy supplies to last the whole session. Tinies colleagues will only use what is in your child's bag and do not hold an additional stock of nappies and wet wipes. All children will be changed in a nappy changing area and hygiene standards are always followed. We ask that your child arrives at the setting in a clean and dry nappy If your child is being toilet trained, we ask that you provide spare clothes. 

Retail Crèches: Our IKEA Crèches do not have nappy-changing facilities. If your child needs changing or has a toileting accident, you will be called back to the setting so that you can change your child.

Providing feedback to Tinies Daycare  

Tinies welcomes comments, both positive and negative, from those using our childcare settings as it provides valuable information to help us continually improve our service.Provide Feedback to Tinies Daycare

If you have queries or concerns or cause for complaint of any nature, please speak to the childcare setting Manager in the first instance. If the matter is not resolved, please contact the Tinies Operations Manager (details below). Many concerns, both administrative or in terms of quality of service, can be dealt with or explained immediately.

However the complaint is made, it is Tinies procedure to record the complaint and notify you of any outcomes within 48 hours if possible, For complaints that need further investigation, we commit to responding within 28 days of having received the complaint.

If the matter cannot be resolved by the Operations Manager, or if you prefer, complaints can be made directly to the local Regulatory Body:

Operations Manager

Tinies Childcare
593-599 Fulham Road
London SW6 5UA
Tel: 020 7384 0322

Ofsted (England)

The National Complaints Team,
Piccadilly Gate,
Store Street,
Manchester M1 2WD
Tel: 0300 123 3153

CIW (Wales)

Care Inspectorate Wales,
Welsh Government,
Rhydycar Business Park,
Merthyr Tydfil CF48 1UZ
Tel: 0300 7900126

Republic of Ireland - Tusla

Early Years Inspectorate
Tusla Child and Family Office
Unit 4 & 5 Nexus Building
Blanchardstown Corporate Park
Ballycoolin Road
Dublin 15
Tel: +353 1 647 3000

SCSWIS (Scotland)

Care Inspectorate,
11 Riverside Drive,
Dundee DD1 4NY
Tel:    0345 6009527

Northern Ireland HSC

Department of HSC Social Care Trust,
Everton Complex,
585-587 Crumlin Road,
Belfast BT14 7GB
Tel: 028 90520500

Thank you

What next...?


Changes to operational procedures due to coronavirus pandemic 

What are changes to operational procedures due to Covid-19 at Tinies Daycare Nursery?

For our settings there have been a number of revised policies issued to enable us to return and follow the government guidance as best we possibly can. This information is valid at the time of print and may be amended if the advice from the World Health Organisation, Department of Education or Government guidance changes.

Arrivals & Departure

  • We will be implementing a staggered drop off/pick up to spread out the number of families congregating at the same time. More information will follow regarding this.
  • On arrival all children (and Colleagues) will have their temperature taken.
  • If your child has a temperature of above 37.8c they will not be allowed to enter the setting. If their temperature has gone within 24hours, they will be able to return to setting. If temperature persists then they will need to isolate for 7days as per WHO guidance.
  • For the foreseeable future parents will no longer be allowed to come into the setting past the front door, this is to minimise risk of infection in the environment.
  • Whilst waiting to sign your child into the setting we ask all families to observe social distancing and stay 2m apart as much as possible.
  • We would encourage all families to keep children by their side and not allow them to wander.
  • Only one parent/carer to drop off and collect their child, to minimise the risks presented to the team.
  • Where possible the same parent/carer should aim to drop off and collect in the same day.
  • These new measures will take longer than previously, so please be aware and allow additional time to get to your next destination.

A member of the team will take your child into the setting once their temperature has been checked. Whilst we do understand that this may be upsetting for some children to no longer be accompanied by their parent/carer come into the room, this will help to minimising risk of infection and we will do all we can to make this into an adventure for those children old enough to participate.

Covid 19 Symptoms & Setting Attendance

  • We would kindly ask that if any other household member displays symptoms of Covid 19, that you do not bring your child to setting.
  • If your child has required Calpol (or equivalent) due to a temperature prior to attending setting please do not bring them in for a minimum of 24hours. If the temperature continues please seek further medical advice and do not bring your child into setting.
  • We will not be able to issue refunds for any families who have booked sessions, but are required to collect a child during the day or are unable to drop off their child due to them being unwell or having symptoms of Covid-19.

What steps would be taken if a child becomes unwell at our Day Nurseries?

If your child becomes unwell whilst at setting

  • If your child develops a temperature, or a cough that persists over the course of a few hours, we will take your child into the isolation area and request they be picked up.
  • The isolation area will either be outside (weather permitting) or a suitable room within the setting.
  • If you are asked to collect your child this should be done within 30minutes of the phone call or at the very earliest opportunity.
  • You will be asked to sign the 'Covid-19 going home letter' that you will be issued if you are required to collect your child. This will state their reason for being sent home.
  • If they have a temperature, and it subsides within 24 hours, they will be allowed back to setting, however beyond this point we ask that you self-isolate for 7 days and notify the setting as soon as possible.
  • If you have more than one child at setting, and only one with symptoms, both children will need to be collected in this case and the same 24 hour guidance must be followed.

What if a child tests positive for Covid-19?

If a child at the setting tests positive for Covid-19

  • We will defer to advice given by the Health Protection Agency & DfE. The current advice is that all children and colleagues in that bubble must self-isolate for 14days. This guidance can be superseded by new guidance by HPA and the DfE.

Social Distancing

  • Whilst the children are in attendance they will be in a ''Bubble'' and will be with the same children and team members each day for track and trace purposes and to reduce the transmission risk.
  • They will be encouraged to socially distance as much as is practical.
  • Children will be kept in the same ''Bubble'' room and not moved around the setting unless isolation is required. This does mean that sadly 'free flow'' will need to cease for the foreseeable future.
  • Whilst our colleagues will endeavour to encourage social distance, naturally with the younger children there will be times, meal/bottle feeding, when children will be less transient for over 15 minutes, and within proximity to adults.
  • Meal and snack times will be staggered.

Our Colleagues

  • You may find that some of the team members in your child's room have changed since we closed.
  • As we transition back into setting life our colleagues will be returned in phases.
  • The team will not move 'Bubbles' in the same day unless there is extenuating circumstances.
  • Our colleagues will socially distance as much as possible whilst at work, however not to the detriment of the children.
  • Colleagues who rely on public transport will be issued with a mask for their journeys.
  • Colleagues must use the hand gel on arrival at setting, before entering the setting.
  • Our Colleagues will be asked to adhere to social distancing measures outside of the setting.

Setting Routine

  • There will be amendments to the usual setting routine to accommodate the changes we have had to make.
  • Weather permitting, and where possible, we will be operating much of the daily routine outside. We will give time to all age groups to be outside, within their 'bubble'.
  • We will be pausing all extra internal/external activities or trips until a time when it is safe for them to resume.
  • We will be restricting visitors into the setting during normal opening hours and for those wanting to view one of our nurseries we will aim to do this out of hours or at quiet time. All visitors will be asked to wear a mask.
  • Any new families requesting a show round will be booked outside of normal hours.

How do we maintain hygiene in our nursery?

Cleaning & Hygiene

  • Windows in the indoor areas will be open and (natural air) ventilation will be maximised.
  • Soft furnishings in the setting will be reduced where it's not possible to remove and all soft toys, including those with integral soft parts will be removed to reduce the spread of infection.
  • Settings where children have sleep patterns will have fresh bedding provided daily.
  • Frequent handwashing and regular cleaning of surfaces will be followed throughout the day.
  • We will maintain strict deep cleaning guidelines when we re-open.
  • The setting will have high stock levels of cleaning products, hand gel, aprons, gloves, tissues in line with the DfE guidance.
  • We will not be using face masks in the setting unless a child is taken into isolation and in which case the colleague caring for the child will be provided with both a face mask and full face shield as a precautionary measure.
Quotation Mark
I've just been so impressed with Leah that I thought it was worth letting you know. She's been an amazing keyworker. For me, her biggest positive attribute is that she genuinely cares, gets attached to the child and goes above and beyond her normal duties to make sure the child is okay. Recently Kian was teething (but it wasn't apparent at the time). He was unusually cranky and clingy and she actually rang me to ask if any changes at home had happened recently so that they could do something to help him settle down. I found that very sweet. Another example is when I was a doing pick up, my other child needed the toilet in the toddler room but he had a little accident as he got to the toilet too late. Instead of telling me to clean him up (which has happened once in the preschool room), she was more than happy to help Aarav get changed and even went the extra mile to put plastic bags over his socks so his feet don't get wet as his shoes were wet. She thought to do this herself. I was so impressed at the thoughtfulness. Sorry if it's too much detail, but I wanted to show you what I mean by going above and beyond! I just wanted you to know what a gem you have (although I'm sure you know already!). The rest of the staff are awesome too; I just wanted to give specific feedback for Leah.
, Northwood Nursery Parent