30 Hours Funded Childcare FAQ

Frequently asked questions about 30 hours Universal Funding for childcare settings

30 hours funded care and Tinies Childcare

As an Ofsted-registered early years provider, Tinies Nurseries is able to offer funded early years education and childcare for children aged 3-4. Eligible parents can apply for 15 or 30 hours Universal Funding. In order to sustainably offer these funded places, we offer stretched funding of 11 or 22 hours per week, 51 weeks of the year, rather than 15 or 30 hours for 38 weeks of the year.

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Frequently Asked questions about 30 hours funded care - Universal Funding

My child is going to turn three next year. How soon can I access the 30-hours free childcare?

Your child is eligible for funded care from the beginning of the term after they turn three - or the term after you receive your code (this delay can happen if you apply for your code after the cut-off date for the next term).

How do I apply?

Visit the Gov.co.uk website.

If I'm not eligible for the 30-hour funded care, can I still get my 15 hours?

The 15-hours is not dependent on the 30 hours, so if you have been using 15 hours and are not eligible for 30, the original 15 hours will not be affected.

What is a grace period in relation to the 30 hours funded care?

If there is a change in circumstance, where for example you lose your job or your benefits change, your child will still be eligible for the 30 hours for a "grace period". This period is intended to give you time to find a new job or make alternative arrangements. This period is determined by the local authority, and is usually until the end of the current funding block. If this happens you must inform the nursery immediately and they will liaise with the Local Authority and advise you on the date to which your funding will last.

How often do I need to validate my Universal Funding code?

According to the government website, you will be prompted to re-validate your code every three months, this reminder will coincide with the date you originally applied.

How do I re-validate my Universal Funding code?

You need to re-validate your code in the same fashion you applied for it in the first place. So if you applied over the telephone you need to call 0300 123 4097.  If you applied online you will need to sign into your online account.

What do I do once I re-validate my Universal Funding code?

You must inform the senior nursery team as soon as you confirm re-validation in order to continue receiving the funded care.

Will my Universal Funding code change?

You will be issued with one code that requires re-validation, however the code will remain the same.

How will the funded hours be deducted from my total monthly Nursery bill?

At Tinies Nurseries, our system calculates the total number of funded hours that you are entitled to each month. These hours are then deducted at the hourly rate per session as indicated in your fee policy.

Do you charge extra for meals?

At Tinies, we charge a set daily rate for meals, and this rate is charged for every day your child attends the nursery. To find out the set daily fee please speak to a senior member of the Nursery Team.

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I have two children attending Tinies in Finchley, my daughter has been there for the past 2 years & recently my son has joined her. The staff & the care that they provide is amazing. Both of them are very happy & well cared for at Tinies, I love that ALL staff not just those in their rooms, know every child. Being linked with David Lloyd is great as there are more facilities available to use & explore, tennis courts, soft play, sports hall, even if the weather is bad they have plenty of space to run off their energy! It didn't take long for my son to settle & now he's very content in his room & you can see that he loves his key workers. As his parent it is lovely to hear feedback in the evening of how his day was & almost always a little story that is uniquely him, which makes me happy that he was listened to and observed during the day. My daughter is very happy too & has taken the transition from room to room very well as it helps that the staff already speak to her & know her even though she has not been in their care. Overall we are very satisfied with our choice of care. Thank you Tinies Finchely!
, Finchley Nursery Parent