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Consulting for your Nursery Setting

In some cases our clients just want some help with a nursery facility they already have in place. Tinies Nurseries can help with auditing, training or running a feasibility study

Nursery management in partnership with Tinies

We work through the following areas, to make sure that your nursery (or crèche / kids club) works just the way you want it to:

Consultation - Your aims and objectives for your nursery.

Design - To suit the operational needs not just the visual requirements.

Recruitment of "the right staff" - Recruiting the right nursery managers, supervisors and staff to provide the "right" facility.

Retention - Focusing on what is important to retain families initially and in the long-term.

Income generation - How to price your nursery, and how to drive secondary spend from the family market (where appropriate).

Programming of family-friendly programmes - Selecting and planning the correct programmes throughout the nursery.

Holiday Clubs - Providing an all-year-round range of activities will allow you to retain your members and attract new members. Catering for all age groups from 4-12 years.

Marketing - Both internal and external, including support with regard to launches and re-launches of programmes.

Standards and operating procedures - Ensuring pre-schools and activity groups meet the required standards and policies required for initial registration, and in order to continue to operating legally.

Equipment - Purchasing the right equipment to fit the nursery environment and meet the Ofsted guidelines and standards.

Auditing - Assessing your current offering and whether they are meeting the needs of members and Ofsted requirements.

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Tinies runs great nurseries

Tinies is the ideal partner to run your nursery or daycare setting.

By taking on your nursery management, we ensure site managers and staff can focus on their jobs, and that the nursery is getting all the support it needs.

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The staff at Tinies really love and care about children. They observe the children closely and support them fully to develop their potential. Parents are informed about everything their child has done , the good and not so good! The staff are excellent at providing stimulating and original activities for the children and exceeding the early years curriculum.
Mum, Tinies Nursery, Finchley