Frequently Asked Questions at Tinies Nurseries for Jubilee

Below are some of the questions we are asked by prospective parents;

Where is the nursery located?

The Jubilee Nursery is located in the Jubilee Pavilion in the Jubilee Ground Catford. Our nursery benefits from an onsite drop off and collection, and we have convenient drop off points for parents / carers who drive.

What is your settling in process?

Prior to children starting at the Jubilee nursery we offer settling in sessions these are tailored to each individual child's needs. We work in conjunction with parents/guardians to make this process as simple as possible for everyone.

At Jubilee Nursery, Catford we offer two weeks of settling in sessions for the children. The first settle is where we ask parents to stay with us. This enables us to speak to you about your child's likes and dislikes and ensures that we can all get to know each other better before the children are left without their main carer. On your first settle we assign your child with a key person, this person is responsible for your child's care, education and learning journey, you will meet them to discuss your child's routines, needs and interests then, when you are ready, you can leave your child for the rest of the visit.

Can you accommodate my child dietary needs?

During the settling in process, your child's Key Person will discuss your child's dietary needs and we will work with you to accommodate them. Where necessary, we will complete a Care Plan to accompany these requests.


Can your nursery accommodate a child with additional needs?

At Tinies Jubilee Nurseries we provide an inclusive setting and work with parents and children with additional needs to make sure the experience is a positive one for everyone. Each child's needs will be assessed individually and we would agree on the best Care Plan for that child.

What Curriculum do you follow?

At Jubilee Nursery we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Development Matters Curriculum. We believe in play-based learning. You can find more information about the curriculum we follow here

Early Years Foundation Stage Development Matters

How often do the children play outside?

All of our settings have an outdoor learning environment because we believe that indoor and outdoor learning are paramount to a child's development.

At Jubilee Nursery, Catford we are so fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful sports fields. The extensive grounds on which we are situated are utilised to the full, providing children with two large purpose built garden areas and supervised access to the playing fields.

What do you offer outside of the Curriculum?

We offer a variety of extra-curricular activities that complement the Early Years curriculum and offer enhanced learning experience for the children at our Nursery. Read more about our extra-curricular program.

What meals do you provide?

At Jubilee Nursery we provide a wide variety of breakfast options along with a variety of fresh fruits for our morning and afternoon snacks. Our lunch and tea meals are cooked by our chefs at St Dunstan's College and brought over to us on a daily basis. Our menus are healthy and nutritiously balanced.

Do you take the children on trips outside of the nursery?

As our Jubilee Nursery is surrounded by fields we make the most of daily trips outside to explore the grounds outside of the setting. Our nursery benefits from security gates which enable us to know who is onsite at anytime so the children and staff team can explore freely without any interruptions from the general public. We also take the children to the library, the train stations and local parks and places of interest.

How do you share information about my child?

At Jubilee Nursery we work in partnership with our parents and carers sharing information on a daily basis on arrival and departure. We also have an online learning journey platform where we can share photos and observations of your child and what they have been up to throughout their time here. Will also encourage our Jubilee parents to participate in their child's learning journey which they can access on their phones or tablets.

What's the cost of attending your nursery?

This will depend on how many sessions you choose to take. Tinies Jubilee Nursery, Catford charge on a sessional basis and there are morning and afternoon session on every week day. We have very competitive prices which include all of your child's food for the day.

How much will I pay monthly?

Jubilee Nursery is open for 51 weeks of the year. Our monthly cost is worked out by the weekly fees times by 51 weeks of the year and divided by 12 this gives your monthly fee.

When is your setting closed?

Jubilee Nursery, Catford is closed on all National Bank Holidays, and for five days around Christmas and New Year - these dates are confirmed each September and communicated to parents. Bank Holidays are chargeable, however the five days over Christmas are not.

We ensure that our staff have the most up to date training and in order to do this we close the nursery for five training days a year, these days are spread over the year and are not chargeable to parents.

Extra Curricular

The extra activities Tinies Jubilee Nursery offer are Bilingual beats (Musical Spanish sessions), Movement works and Yoga all of which are included in the monthly fee.

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My 4 year old loved his time at Tinies Kids Clubs and now calls it 'my holiday school'. He can't wait to go back in the summer, all the carers are fantastic and gave me lots of feedback about my son's activities during each day he was there. We were greeted with a huge smile by all the carers each morning, I can't thank them enough.
Michelle, Hertfordshire, Holiday Club