Preschool Extracurricular Kids Daycare Activities

Outside of the 'normal' nursery day, where care and education are integral (or a given), here at Tinies Daycare we like to go beyond that

Why are preschool extracurricular activities necessary for a child in a Daycare?

Our goal is to offer children a wide range of experiences to enhance their learning and build their confidence in hopes that they leave us as happy, self-assured individuals. To achieve this, we have a vast extra-curriculum programme that all children partake in throughout their journey through our daycare nursery or preschool.

The children's preschool extracurricular activities offered at each of our daycare nursery settings differ, so be sure to look at the individual sites or ask one of our colleagues for more information about the various preschool activities. Outside of the EYFS curriculum, which is provided at each of our nursery settings around the UK.

What are the types of Extracurricular Kids Activities performed at Tinies Daycare?

A wide variety of children's extracurricular preschool activities offered at Tinies Daycare nurseries around the UK

We at Tinies Daycare believe that play is the foundation for learning. Our extra-curricular activities aim to complement and supplement the learning gained at our Pre-Schools. Here is the list of activities we provide:

Maths Champion

We have a maths champion within all of our daycare nurseries to ensure that we equip children with a solid maths foundation in early numeracy in preparation for school, enabling them to leave us achieving the best that they can. We want children to be confident and happy to play with numbers and believe that by introducing this from a young age is very important. Our programme starts in the baby room, engaging inquisitive minds through language, song, children's nursery rhymes and stories and then through frequent, fun and repetitive kid's activities we develop this as your children move through to pre-school.

Our programme is supported by the NDNA who provides training to our maths champion. Our maths activities are specially curated for children of all ages, especially 4-year-olds. Through our Maths Champion and ongoing assessment, we ensure that our maths programme is being delivered by all practitioners consistently to all children in our Jubilee daycare. You will see evidence of the programme through your child's learning journey and please feel free to ask any of our Jubilee nursery team members about the current topic. If you're looking for math activities for 4-year-olds, then you're in luck! Our math activities for 4-year-olds are super interesting & fun.

Enrolling your child in this preschool extracurricular daycare activity will help your child develop critical thinking skills and aid them in acquiring a skill that can enhance their career.

Listed below are the key extra-curricular activities that we provide at our Tinies Daycare Nursery:

Library Scheme

Introducing children to books from an early age promotes early literacy and supports the love of language, reading which in turn sparks the imagination and makes them inquisitive. We want children to have the opportunity to share books at home as much as we do at the nursery and that's why we have our very own library, allowing parents and children to take books home and share. Through language, books, circle time and audio stories we will share time discovering stories that help children understand the world, relationships and much more to enable them to become expressive and able to talk about their own emotions and feelings.

We hope you take advantage of this extracurricular preschool activity for Kids and enjoy borrowing our books with your child.

My Happy Mind

We are committed to helping children flourish and go off to school with the confidence and 'give it a go' attitude. To help children gain greater confidence and persistence to achieve they need a growth mind-set; our role is to help children build resilience and not to be fearful when it doesn't go right the first time - try again. Through our Happy Mind programme, we help children build resilience and help children recognise their feelings and emotions and how to control those. All practitioners deliver this programme throughout the nursery day. Please ask our Tinies Daycare team about how we do this and ask any child in the nursery about Happy Breathing!

Back to Nature

Our Forest School programme quite literally teaches children from the roots up! In association with the Forest School Learning Initiative, children are taken for weekly sessions, exploring the outside world firsthand and of course often getting a little muddy along the way. Having this programme as a part of our preschool extracurricular preschool activities for your children helps encapsulate all of the other extra-curricular programmes by enhancing language development, hands-on fun, mathematical skill and enjoying the outside world.

Outdoor Education Programme

Our outdoor learning programmes support our children with access to one of the best possible environments in which to learn. Our team observe the joy and excitement they experience as they learn new skills and make fresh discoveries. Outdoor learning encompasses all that children do, see, hear or feel in their outdoor space and involves providing opportunities for children in meaningful, engaging experiences that support their development in all areas of the curriculum.

Our team provides well-planned and well-resourced outdoor play-based experiences that allow for progression in a child's thinking and understanding'.


Learning a language from a young age, helps children to develop brain functions and opens up different opportunities for the future. Where possible, we at Tinies Daycare offer a variety of language courses (including French and Spanish) and activities for children to help enhance their creativity and mental flexibility. With time we found that the children actively participate in this language learning activity & also happen to love and enjoy these classes. To know more about this extracurricular preschool activity for children, contact Tinies Daycare.


Physical education and movement are important for every child's development. From simply learning to kick or throw a ball to learning to hold a racket, children are learning new skills with each activity at our daycare nursery. Their muscles develop and research shows that they actually have more ability to concentrate when they participate in physical activity. At Tinies Daycare we think it's important that children get to try new sporting activities so that they can see what they are good at and what they enjoy.

Support your preschool child in developing their sporting passion and ability, with our extracurricular preschool children's activities.

Music and Movement

Taking the sounds, we hear and turning them into physical movements helps develop creativity and keeps children moving. These interactive classes are fun and silly and entertaining, and the children love them because they get to be themselves. From growing like flowers to catching bubbles these sessions allow their imaginations to blossom.The class is designed to help develop motor skills, improve coordination, teach children the elements of dance, and most importantly, they just have fun.

Multi Media

Learning to use different mediums is paramount for children as they develop in a more technical world. Combining IT skills with other mediums gives the children real world experience. From SMART children's activities to learning to put images to music, the children at Tinies Daycare learn new skills and develop practical and creative skills - and they have lots of fun!

Help your child practice their developing maths and reading skills with these fun educational games and extracurricular preschool children's activities offered at Tinies Daycare nurseries located around the UK.

Quotation Mark
I can't express just how much my 2 year old daughter loves the Tinies nursery and its lively, fun facilities and its staff who make her feel very special and treat her as an individual. She has developed so much since moving to this nursery and the staff should be extremely proud of how they have facilitated her development. The environment is stimulating with lots to keep inquisitive little minds and hands busy. I always leave with a very happy, toddler. I can't rate this Tinies nursery highly enough.
Mum, Tinies Nursery, North Yorkshire