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Start Quote I went to an event where Tinies provided the childcare crèche. I wanted to say how amazed I was at the care and consideration from all staff involved. Will be using this service again in the future. Care for little ones like their own! End Quote

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Tinies Daycare Creche Services Feedback by Clients

Here at Tinies Daycare we pride ourselves on providing the best childcare and client support whether it be a crèche, kids club or nursery. To constantly improve our creche service we rely on the feedback provided by our clients. What you think matters to us.We continually keep a check on our creche staff throughout their careers to ensure they perform to a high standard.

At Tinies Daycare, Our Creche staff strive for better in everything we do.


"Hi, after visiting your Wednesbury store on Sunday morning I'd like to compliment the staff in your crèche. We are looking after a young girl with special needs and wasn't sure if she'd be able to go into the crèche with our own girls. The creche staff there were really helpful and couldn't do enough to make sure that the girl's needs were met. She had a great time and really enjoyed herself! Could you pass this comment onto the manager there please as the staff really showed professionalism and understanding. Thanks"

Parent, IKEA Birmingham

"Wow what an amazing service!!! Creche Staff were very helpful and I felt very happy knowing they were very well looked after. My 3 years old is very happy!"

Parent, IKEA Lakeside

"Having three daughters one with ASD it was great that she got attention and was able to do crafts, which she loves, all 3 girls had an amazing time. Thank you so much."

Parent, IKEA Sheffield

"I was able to make a reservation at Smaland for my special need's child-no hassle at all. I was quickly able to register and the kids were delighted.Creche Staff were friendly, helpful + engaged with kids."

Parent, IKEA Dublin

"We spent some time today in your Exeter store where my two young children took advantage of the 1-hour free supervised playtime in your play area. One of my sons is autistic. I just want to say how impressed I am with the care and consideration we received for him from your care staff in the play area. They asked for everything they needed to know about my son and played with him and supervised him in an excellent manner. He has been talking nonstop about Alice since we left and wants to come back again soon. I cannot express how happy this experience has been for him, please pass on my feedback to Alice.I hope she is recognised for her service and she truly is an asset to your company."

Parent, IKEA Exeter

"Kirsty has provided a lot of support/encouragement to me as a parent over the past 18 months since my son started attending the crèche - she's a real gem."

Parent, Scottish Parliament

"I had no idea this was here. Wow! My trip was enjoyable with no stress. Plus it's an amazing space and the children loved it!"

Parent, IKEA Milton Keynes

"My children aren't 3 yet but we wanted to see what the crèche was about. We are extremely impressed by the facility and Carl was very informative and knowledgeable. We look forward to bringing our children when they turn 3."

Parent, IKEA Belfast

"My child has been suffering from anxiety after being bullied at school and has been too worried to leave me. Today, even tho, worried, she decided to come in - she doesn't want to leave now!! Amazing - she had such a great time, the staff really cared for her and made her feel more confident. She will definitely be back - it's been a real confidence builder for a really traumatised child - we can't thank these ladies enough!"

Parent, IKEA Nottingham

"We went as a family to your store this evening and dreaded the trip as one of our children has Autistic Spectrum Disorder., but we needed shelves and took the risk going. As soon as we arrived, we saw your children's play area and tried our luck to see if our some would go in there to play while we shopped. He agreed and surprised both his Dad and I.

Not only did he have a good time there, the creche staff were very helpful in asking what his triggers were and how he would react if there should happen to be a fire alarm sound going off while he was in their care. This simple awareness reassured us that he was in safe hands while learning to be independent from us.
They also gave us a telephone number to call in advance next time, to book him into the play area due to his additional needs and to help avoid disappointment, and so he wouldn't miss out if the crèche was full."

Parent, IKEA Warrington

Case Studies

Every managed childcare service we provide is another opportunity to do our best for our clients. We look back at everyone to see where we can improve and what new ideas we can come up with. To read more about the unique incorporated daycare services we provide,and what our childminders do and if it's the right choice of childcare for you, please read our Case Studies.


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I went to an event where Tinies provided the childcare crèche. I wanted to say how amazed I was at the care and consideration from all staff involved. Will be using this service again in the future. Care for little ones like their own!
Pattinson, Event Childcare