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Tinies Daycare Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern the basis on which we agree to provide childcare services to you.


We will:

1.1 Provide childcare facilities for your child for up to 2 hours while you shop, use the leisure and entertainment facilities.

1.2 Provide you with a full account of your child's visit

1.3 Notify you as soon as possible if your child does not settle

1.4 Provide your child with a safe and secure environment for your child to engage in play

1.5 Evacuate your child in the event of the fire alarm sounding to the designated evacuation point. Please leave us to evacuate the children and make your way to the nearest exit.


You will:

2.1 Register your child online providing full details about your child, so we can provide the right care for them

2.2 Complete a Health Declaration Form where you child has any additional needs

2.3 Keep us up to date on every visit if your child or your family circumstances change and if your child has had an accident at home in the last 48 hours

2.4 Collect your child on time to avoid delays for other users; the same person who drops the child into care must collect them. To safeguard your child, we will not release them to any other person. If a child is not collected, we will revert to our uncollected child policy

2.5 AAllow Tinies Daycare to take a copy of your receipts to provide data to the retailers - this is a condition of using the childcare facilities; with only a minimum spend of £1 required.

2.6 Ensure your child does not bring any toys; if your child does bring in a toy we accept no responsibility for any loss or damage.

2.7 Ensure your child does not bring any electronics; if your child does bring in an electronic device, it will be confiscated. We accept no responsibility for any loss or damage.

2.8 Remove all food and drink from your child before entering the facility. We have drinking water available at all times.

2.9 Ensure your child is clean and dry before coming into care. If they have a soiled nappy, you will be asked to change your child prior to signing them in and will be called back if they soil whilst in care.


3.1 We cannot administer any medication. Where a child requires lifesaving medication we will administer in most cases, however a full case review of the child's condition, including additional training and insurance approval are required before we can accept the child into care. We work closely with you on ensuring the environment is right for your child.

3.2 In the event of an accident, we will administer first aid treatment on your child by a qualified first aider and in cases of any head bump or severe injury, we will call you back immediately.

3.3 In the event of emergency treatment, we will always endeavor to contact you before/whilst an ambulance is called and we will escort your child if we are unable to contact you.

3.4 We want all children to enjoy the childcare facility and encourage them to have fun; if however a child's behavior is deemed by us to be unacceptable or endangers the safety and well-being of the other children we will contact you immediately to collect them from our care.

3.5 We aim to provide inclusion and integration of children with disabilities and additional needs and to be able to do this we follow our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy to aide a child's attendance to the facility.

3.6 We have an obligation to report any instances where we consider that a child may have been neglected or abused to the relevant authorities. We may do so without your consent and / or without informing you.


4.1 Under UK Data Protection laws, Tinies Daycare are obliged to share with you details of how we collect and use your data, as well as giving you information on all of your data rights. To access this information, please refer to Tinies' Settings Privacy Notice and Tinies Settings Data Protection Policy on our website

Tinies Daycare have a contractual obligation to hold and process your data; without this we are unable to care for your child.

These terms and condition govern the basis on which we agree to provide childcare services to you. Your personal data is required to enable us to fulfil our obligations under our Terms and Conditions with you. We cannot provide our childcare services without having to take your data, process it, and share it. You are obliged to provide the personal data to Tinies Daycare, under our contractual terms and conditions. If you choose not to provide the data, we cannot provide you with a childcare service.

It is your responsibility to keep us (Tinies Daycare) updated with any changes to your details or information contained in your registration, or in relation to your child. Should you need to update your information, please speak to a member of the team on your next visit.

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