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My child has been suffering from anxiety after being bullied at school and has been too worried to leave me. Today, even tho, worried, she decided to come in - she doesn't want to leave now!! Amazing - she had such a great time, the staff really cared for her and made her feel more confident. She will definitely be back - it's been a real confidence builder for a really traumatise child - we can't thank these ladies enough!

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Corporate Childcare

We think that events become even more special with a crèche. Tinies Daycare provides companies across the UK with on-site childcare and crèches for corporate events Tinies delivers some of the best on-site childcare for corporate events, around the UK

Corporate crèches can simply provide high quality childcare, or they can be tailored to a specific theme or corporate event.

Our corporate crèches will compliment any event you're planning and will help you increase attendance and participation. We've run event crèches and on-site childcare at exhibitions, party political conferences, shows, conferences, and corporate parties.

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Corporate crèches

Why have a crèche at a corporate event?

If you are running a training day, or a conference, attendance will be improved by the provision of on-site childcare.

Access to on-site childcare gives parents more freedom and flexibility, and allows them to enjoy the event or conference, without worrying about what their children are up to. Parents are far more likely to attend an event if they know their children are going to be nearby, being cared for safely whilst having a good time too.

Our ethos is to provide a fun but safe environment for the children, leaving parents free to attend an event, happy in the knowledge that their children are well cared for nearby.

How corporate event crèches work

We will work with you to create the best corporate crèche for your event. We have a number of set models to use, or we can tailor the crèche and on-site childcare to your requirements. We plan every detail with your company to ensure you get a tailored crèche to suit your needs as well as those of the parents and children attending the event.

Our aim is simple... We want the children attending a Tinies Daycare crèches to: Have FUN, Laugh, and Smile. We achieve this in a number of ways:

  • We select our crèche team based on ages of the children to ensure our care standards are high
  • Build confidence with familiar activities at the start, before our fun 'welcome warmer' (for over 4s)
  • Provide a programme with a selection of activities.

Child led crèche activities

At all events our play areas and activities are child led because they know how to have fun. In fact our best ideas over the years have come from the children!

Why choose Tinies?

With over 35 settings around the UK, we know what it takes to run a crèche effectively. Plus with our team of experts we can tailor the crèche and all the activities to meet your needs and budget. With constant "hands-on" experience, we ensure that our activities are fun, creative and topical.

Whilst fun on the day is key, safety is paramount. Therefore we guarantee that all Tinies Daycare colleagues undergo a vigorous interviewing and screening process and our operational policies and procedures meet both Ofsted and the Children's Act legislation.

Client feedback

"Thank you for being so understanding of the children's needs and adapting to them" Mrs Marchington, conference attendee and parent

"We have used Tinies at the past four conferences held in various locations around the country and they provide an excellent, consistent service... Feedback from the children and the parents has been great throughout."
Sian, Commercial Manager

"The crèche allowed me to fully participate in the business of conference: debates, votes, speeches, lunchtime fringes and, at one point, a campaign meeting. Without it, I could not have attended at all. With the crèche, I had the best of both worlds: regular cuddles with my son grounding me between policy debates & ministerial Q&As" Rachel, Liberal Democrat activist in Cambridge.

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We used Tinies for our Annual Employee Conference and they were great. I've had great feedback from all of the parents. We would definitely recommend Tinies crèches - their organisation skills are great and they create the perfect atmosphere. We will be using them again at our next conference! 5 stars!
Natalie, Hitachi Consulting, Conference Crèche