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IKEA Smaland Managed Crèches

Tinies Daycare took over the management of IKEA crèches in 2013. The following year saw increased engagement mirrored by average basket spend increases

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Contract: IKEA

IKEA's USP is "the IKEA way" of doing things.  IKEA is unique in the UK, having provided free accessible childcare to shoppers for over 32 years in their crèche facility known as Småland. IKEA truly understand that providing a whole family experience drives engagement, dwell time, usage and basket spend.

IKEA - Case Study by Tinies Daycare

The Brief: To deliver an engaging, customer focused environment to enable both parents and children to have the best experience whilst visiting IKEA, and most importantly meet the needs of all of the children who enter care; ensuring they leave happy and wanting to come back.

Type of contract: Managed Service Contract

Tinies Daycare operates the crèche provision contract in its entirety within all Ikea stores throughout the UK. This includes:

  • Health & Safety
  • Recruitment and deployment of our team
  • Training and development
  • Creating programmes for children from 3 to 10 years
  • Working with the marketing team to engage with families
  • Liaising with authorities & meeting legislation

Length of contract: Ongoing since 2013. Monday to Sunday coverage across all 23 stores in the UK and RoI.

Delivery: The IKEA crèche is designed to enable shoppers to leave children aged 3 to 10 years in a designated, themed crèche environment for up to an hour whilst they are in store. The crèche facility is open 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year.

The crèche is not bookable, allowing maximum flexibility for families to utilise the service.

Tinies Daycare Deliverables

From being awarded the contract in May 2013, Tinies Daycare had just over 3 months to start the TUPE process of over 200 colleagues and register all settings with the relevant authorities. As the biggest takeover Tinies Daycare had undertaken, a project plan with clear objectives and timelines was devised to ensure the process went well for new colleagues as well as the children and parents using the service. The transition went exceptionally well and four further stores with crèches have since opened in Reading, Sheffield, Exeter and Greenwich, while many others have been refurbished.

Tinies Daycare reports monthly to each IKEA store on key deliverables. We also support the stores with events outside of the crèche provision, enabling frequent customers to see familiar childcarers around the store taking part in the many family events run by IKEA.

Benefits of Working with Tinies Daycare

"Working with Tinies Daycare enables us to give our families a memorable experience, knowing their children are in a safe, fun and controlled environment.  From Tinies Daycare winning the contract in September 2013, the transition, mobilisation and ongoing operation have been seamless.  A true partner to us." Donna Moore, Customer Relations Project Manager, IKEA

  • Reputable childcare company
  • Ability to record and analyse trends and usage patterns
  • Colleague training and development programme with very low personnel turnover
  • The ability to offer more than just a crèche service
  • Activity programmes meeting the width and breadth of IKEA's clientele

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