About Tinies Cheltenham Nursery

From choosing a Nursery to understanding the EYFS, Tinies Nursery in Cheltenham is here to help you every step of the way

Choosing a Nursery

How do I choose a Daycare Nursery in Cheltenham?

When it comes to choosing a nursery, there are many things to consider, from location and services to security and education.

The decision can be filled with emotions and we know you'll have countless questions.

What you should look for while choosing the Best Nursery for your child?

  • Well-trained and experienced staff catering to individual children's specific needs.
  • Well designed outdoor play space.
  • Convenient & suitable timings of the daycare centers.
  • Fun filled learning activities.
  • Well maintained hygiene standards & safe environment.

At Tines,being one of the registered daycare providers we've been taking care of children and their families for over 30 years. Deciding what's best for you, your child, and your family means finding a childcare provider you can trust, where you feel like you are part of your child's development, and where your child is the number one priority.

The following pages are filled with information about the care we provide at our nursery in Cheltenham. However, to really experience our nursery settings, we believe you need to visit the site, get to know our staff, and ask any questions you have - We'd love to offer you a showround of our nursery in Cheltenham.

Our philosophy

What is our philosophy behind our Nursery in Cheltenham ?

Children need to feel a sense of security and belonging when they are away from their parents. This idea is central to our philosophy and guides our approach to the setup of all our child care centres in Cheltenham.

After all, children learn best from first-hand experience: they have an innate desire to explore and make sense of the world around them through play.
We help them do just that, by placing an emphasis on what they can do rather than what they can't.

Encouraging their desire for exploration... cultivating their spirit of adventure... nurturing their sense of curiosity... all within the safety of our fully supervised nursery.

Everything has been designed with this in mind. Our activities are geared towards helping your child develop at their own pace physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially.

Our people make us special

Why is our Nursery in Cheltenham Special?

In our view, it's the people who work for us that really make Tinies special. They are the backbone of our child care centre in Cheltenham and the reason you can feel confident choosing us.

That's why we're committed to paying them what they're worth and not what we think we can get away with. We support their training, taking a genuine interest in both professional development and personal welfare.

From funding NVQs through our accredited training centre to setting up a hardship fund, we do our very best to look after our people. The result?
An engaged, committed, expert workforce, with one of the lowest colleague turnovers in the industry.

High standards to meet high expectations

At our licensed daycare, your child's health and wellbeing is always paramount. We operate and live by a strong code of conduct, maintaining our high standards of care and ensuring your own high expectations are never disappointed.

Our nursery managers are responsible for the day-to-day running of the nursery, ably supported by their nursery staff as well as our vastly experienced operations and management team at Central Support.

What are the OFSTED legal requirements for Early Years in Cheltenham?

  • We fully comply with OFSTED guidelines on staff-to-child ratios:

    • One member of staff to three children under the age of two years
    • One member of staff to four children between the ages of two and three.
    • One member of staff to eight children between the ages of three and five.
  • Our nursery staff are qualified and/or hold childcare experience
  • All of our nursery staff are first aid trained
  • All of our nursery staff have completed a full DBS enhanced check

Settling in gently

How do we help children to settle into our Nursery?

The first time you and your child separate can be deeply upsetting... for both of you. Our  sympathetic, experienced staff are highly skilled at managing this difficult transition, making the whole process smoother and less traumatic.

Your child will be assigned a keyworker who is personally responsible for ensuring that their introduction to nursery life is as natural and stress-free as possible. You will of course be able to stay with your child until they settle in - after which we'll encourage you to leave for short periods of time until they become used to your absence.

Our aim is to ensure your child's routines reflect what they are used to doing at home - as closely as possible (especially if they are very young).
We'll ask for lots of information about their sleeping and feeding routines...their food and activity preferences... and other important things like how to contact you, and who will be collecting your child on a regular basis.

Meal times

What meals are offered to children at our Nursery in Cheltenham?

As you know, a balanced diet is crucial to your child's development. Our nursery team will provide a varied menu, designed to appeal to children's taste buds while meeting their key nutritional needs.

  • Our food is prepared on-site with ingredients sourced from carefully selected local suppliers & Vegetarians.
  • We also take care of children who are on special medical diets or children with religious requirements.
  • We maintain appropriate food hygiene standards at all times to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Children with food allergies are also catered for within our nursery.
  • Each day's menu is clearly displayed in the nursery.

Our meal times are designed to be a sociable experience. It's a chance to develop good eating habits, experiment with new tastes and textures, and develop their social skills in a communal environment.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS): EYFS Curriculum framework

What is the EYFS?

The first five years of a child's life is a period of rapid physical and intellectual growth. Recognising the importance and formative nature of learning, constant effort is made to ensure that every experience offered to your child is of the highest possible quality.

The EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stages) statutory framework is broad and balanced, and aids in the all-round development of your child, and ensures they are kept at the forefront of all curriculum planning.

Why is the EYFS statutory framework important for children?

Through the Foundation Stages, children experience seven areas of learning and development. The three prime areas, are crucial for;

  • Igniting a child's curiosity.
  • Developing a child's enthusiasm for learning.
  • Building their capacity to learn, and forming relationships.

These skills provide firm foundations which supports children developing and progressing through the EYFS.

The Curriculum

What Nursery Curriculum do we follow at our Cheltenham Day Nursery?

We follow the EYFS Curriculum. The curriculum is planned and resourced to allow your child to expand and develop their skills in a safe and caring environment. Each child is valued individually and opportunities for learning are developed through a broad range of both indoor and outdoor activities. A great deal of learning is focused through play.

The Tinies nursery has access to large well-resourced physical play areas, which greatly enhance learning opportunities and experience for all children.

Progress check at two

What is the 2 year old progress check at our Registered Daycare?

Our licensed daycare will provide you with a short written summary of your child's development when the child is aged between 24-36 months.

This progress check enables early identification of development needs so that additional support can be put into place, if it's needed.

Observation and Assessment

What is observation and assessment in Early Childhood Education in Cheltenham?

Observation, assessment, and record keeping are an important part of the educational process which begins as soon as your child starts at the nursery.

Our observations are made by everyone who is involved with your child, including: you/carers, nursery staff, students etc. We will also involve the children themselves.

At our licensed daycare, the initial assessment will be based on the information you provide from other settings and agencies, as well as your observations.

Safe and sound

Why is Health and Safety Important within our nursery in Cheltenham?

Health & Safety is essential in early childhood settings for growth & development. Children must be given a conducive environment considering the safety of the premises, maintaining food standards, and personal safety measures.

Your child's safety and security is our number one priority - and always will be.

We want you to feel completely confident about leaving the most important person in your life in our care and under our protection. That's why our inside and outside areas are all 'play safe'

How do we keep your child safe & secure at our Nursery in Cheltenham?

We take following measures to keep you child safe & secure:

  1. With fences, doors, locks, and fully secured gates that are checked regularly and constantly monitored.
  2. We employ the highest calibre of staff. No-one is allowed to work at your nursery who hasn't been fully interviewed, with references verified and a full DBS check carried out.
  3. Just as importantly, no-one is allowed on our premises who is not known to one of our team.
  4. We operate a stringent secure-door entry system so that staff can perform a check on anyone seeking to gain access.
  5. Finally, you'll be asked to specify who will regularly drop off and pick up your child. If anyone else is going to do this we ask that you notify the nursery in advance. Whoever it is will need to provide proof of identity and a password set by you before being admitted.

A true partnership

Why is it important to work in partnership with professionals in childcare?

You and your children are the reason we're here. It's as simple as that, which is why we always encourage your input into the running of the nursery. We're driven by your comments and will always respond to your feedback as positively as we can.

Your keyworker and nursery manager are always happy to meet you and discuss your child's progress and development, answering any questions or queries you may have. You're always welcome to come and spend time with your little one in the nursery, sharing in the joys of their accomplishments and lending your support as they face the challenges of growing up.

As valued partners we need your help to ensure the smooth, safe running of the nursery That's why we ask you to carefully follow our security guidelines when admitting unknown people into the nursery. We also ask that you keep us fully informed of any allergies or special dietary requirements for your child.
Finally, we appreciate your assistance in adhering to our protocols for infectious illnesses and quarantine periods, as specified by your nursery manager. By working together we can protect the health and safety of all the children in our care.

Quotation Mark
Our daughter enjoys going to nursery, so this says it all really. All staff very friendly and my daughter is always happy when I collected her. She has made friends and is always excited to hear, "it's time to get ready for Nursery". You are doing a good job."
, Gloucester Nursery Parent